Warren Farrell

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With the publication of "The Myth of Male Power", Dr Warren Farrell became the First Masculist. He started his career in the early seventies as a champion of feminism, even serving on the board of NOW. By the mid seventies, he became frustrated with the female exclusiveness and total disregard for men's issues by NOW and broke from them. His early books in the Seventies, "The Liberated Man" and "Why Men are the Way they are", were more in the vein of "masculinism", the male feminist approach to men's issues. His Masculist works, besides "Myth of Male Power", are his "Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say" and his most recent work "Father and Child Reunion".

The approaches to sex issues, which he has pioneered, have come to be the cornerstones of Masculism. They are the acceptance of sex differences that is manifested in his use of "complimentarity" construct and his critical examination of the power imbalance between the sexes that heavily favors women.

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