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So far I've been editing a number of articles concerning Christianity and its various expressions; counting childhood and adulthood both, my own journey has included non-denominational, Lutheran, Assemblies of God, United Methodist, Free Methodist, and Mennonite churches. A few years ago our family joined the Eastern Orthodox Church, and it looks like I've finally found a home for my soul.

Some of my other interests are classical and jazz music, good fantasy and science fiction, family life, and computer science, as I'm a programmer by trade, with a bent towards Open Source. I find I get more out of Wikipedia the more I put in, and think it's a fantastic collaborative effort. The longer I participate, the more I learn, both from reading other contributions and doing more research for my own.

Pages I plan to edit (in no particular order)

List of saints

Also want to make sure each of the Seven Ecumenical Councils are covered (first seven if you're Roman Catholic).

I also like keeping an eye on the Christianity, Trinity, Bible and related pages, as those definitions seem to get a lot of editing attention.  :-)