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  1. Help! I've made a mess of the Moria, Mordor, Evil Eye and Pippin articles. I don't understand the slash thing in Middle Earth/Moria for example.
  2. Nice article on Moria. Was that off the top of your head?

Ed Poor

Yes, the Moria article was off the top of my head. Forgot to mention the dwarven name Khazad-dum for the place... thought that looks wrong without the accent, and I'm not sure how to add the accent to it. Also I think that's where Gollum started following the company.... I'll try to look at a couple of the others, though I think others are helping too. The more the merrier, eh? --Wesley

You said when you edited Nicene Creed:

"Reorganized; When did U.S. Catholics start omitting the word "men"? Is this controversial?"

Unfortuneately, it has become contraversial in the U.S. Basically, a bunch of PC zealots don't believe that the word "men" can stand for humanity in general and for the plural of the masculine gender (homonym anyone?). It's really sad how the PC folks seem to want to revise history by doing such things as banning books like Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, because it uses the word "nigger" X times, and changing the Nicene Creed. Didn't anyone ever tell them, "Anyone who does not learn from the mistakes of past is doomed to repeat them."--BlackGriffen

I'm truly said to hear that. Changing things like that from the bottom up seems very Protestant. Hope the change doesn't last. --Wesley