White supremacy

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The white supremacy movement considers white people to be superior to people of other (and of mixed) races and/or ethnicities. White supremacy is often linked to other extreme right views and fundamentalist Christianity. Many white supremacists consider violence to be a legitimate way to further their cause. White supremacy groups are usually dominated by men.

White supremacists make many claims about the supposed intellectual, ethical and spiritual inferiority of blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians and homosexuals. (See The Bell Curve.)

White supremacists do not usually call themselves by that name. They often refer to themselves as White Pride or White Power. They say they are do not wish to harm non-white people, they only wish to keep their blood pure. They are vehemently opposed to racial mixing, especially interracial relationships and marriages. Keeping "white blood" pure is a major tenet of the movement.

Many white supremacy groups believe that a race war is going to happen soon. Some have armed themselves and built quasi-military installations in remote locations, where they expect to hold out through the coming race war.

The militant approach taken by some groups, such as those who are preparing for race war, have caused some of them to be watched closely by law enforcement officials.

Compare: Black supremacy, Black power

See also: racism, Ku Klux Klan, apartheid