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"The matriarchal religions of pre-historic Europe" is used as though there was such a thing, but the article gives no explanation of what they were and how Wiccans might now be trying to revive them--as if that were possible on only the very scantiest of historical data. --LMS

In the public mind at least, Wicca and witchcraft are very closely associated. Could somebody who understands the association please explain it?

Oh, and by the way, in Australia circle work is a slang term for driving powerful, rear-drive, unladen vehicles (commonly utes) in such a way as to spin the rear wheels whilst turning, so the back end of the vehicle slides around in a circle (massive power oversteer, in other words). Such an activity is popular in the paddocks on the morning after a batchelors and spinsters ball common in the more redneck parts of Oz. Not something you commonly associate with Wiccans :) --Robert Merkel

Don't some Wiccans believe in some kind of "rule of three", which, to paraphrase, meant "whatever you do to other people, you'll get it back three times as strongly"? --Robert Merkel