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It's possible that we'll have a CVS system up and running pretty soon. One way or another we certainly do want to make it as easy as possible for programmers to help develop Wikipedia's code. Please see also UseModWiki for essential information. --LMS

Do you suppose that starting /FAQ pages would be appropriate? Perhaps the function is already covered by /Talk, but I think that an article subsection that is specifically for questions about the content could really help to refine the content of said articles.

The main article uses the term "international wikipedias" to refer to the non-English versions. I wouldn't call them international; in fact they are arguably "national" and the English version is closer to an "international wikipedia" since people from many countries can read English and several non-native speakers contribute to the English version. --AxelBoldt

--- Sounds logical. However, also the 'national' Wikipedia's have 'international' content. The difference is the language and some information typical for that nation. That is also the case for this English Wikipedia. It has far more 'American' topics than , I suppose, other Wikipedia's will ever have. In that sence the English Wikipedia is a 'national' one. Maybe we could just refer to non-English Wikipedia's as 'Wikipedia's in other languages'?

Where do we actually refer to other Wikipedias as (individually) "international Wikipedias"? We should just change that. "International Wikipedia" is just a quick name meaning "Wikipedias in non-English languages." Is there a better name we can use, Axel? If so, we should use it. --LMS

Why not simply write "The original Wikipedia uses English, but now Wikipedias in many other languages have been started." --AxelBoldt

Go ahead, then! --LMS

Oct 17, 2001 Is it possible to get the Wikipedia on a CDROM? Perhaps someone could sponsor a download site with the whole wikipedia zipped up or something so people could download it and use it on their PCs without having to be connected to the net. CR

It seems a little early for that yet. I know that there's lots of interest in this idea though. It'll just be a little while... --STG