Wikipedia Announcements/April 2001

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April 27, 2001

Stats update: 5041 pages, 3281 "comma" pages, 912 #REDIRECT pages -- WojPob

April 1, 2001

Google has been crawling through Wikipedia and including pages in their database rather slowly. For example, though the Wikipedia History of Levant page is the #1 item for the search "History of Levant", the cached version is from way back on February 19 and the cached version of ethical egoism is from March 2. Despite the delay, we have a slowly-growing source of traffic--and therefore more contributors, and therefore (very possibly, anyway) an increasing rate of article-writing--from Google and Google-using search engines like Yahoo! and Netscape. The news then, though it's surely not great news to many, is that on Wikipedia "the rich (will) get richer"; or "if we build it, they will come" and in greater and greater numbers.