Wikipedia Announcements/June 2001

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June 28, 2001

A link to our VIM article is on the front page of the official VIM site:

June 26, 2001

Wikipedia is now useful! In this exciting new development, Larry Sanger noticed that he could look stuff up in Wikipedia that he didn't know, and answer a few questions he had, just as one does with a real encyclopedia. He couldn't do that a few months ago, and now he can. This might be a reflection of the fact that, in less than six months, Wikipedians have created 9,595 pages, and 6,716 of these are "comma pages." Wikipedia is great!

June 19, 2001

A week ago, Hornlo gave a very good concrete suggestion that we simplify the HomePage, and it met with popular approval, so we did! We've also added a new section to the homepage: "Other Category Schemes." Also recently, BryceHarrington has been updating a new Wikipedia NEWS page, which gives regular news about what articles are being edited. Interesting and good work, Bryce!

Finally, earlier this month we have updated the brilliant prose page with links to much of Nupedia's finest content. It's quite amazing how much good stuff there is on Wikipedia already. We invite you to help keep that page updated with links to the best of Wikipedia.