Wikipedia Announcements/May 2001

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May 20, 2001

Big news! A few days ago, we started up about a dozen "International Wikipedias"--i.e., encyclopedia wikis in other languages. Please see International Wikipedia for details, and please help publicize this!

In other news, Wikipedia has been growing in breadth at breakneck speed. Where as just ten days ago we 3,969 "comma" pages, we are now up to 4,985. This is primarily the doing of a few relatively new hands like Koyaanis Qatsi, LA2, Wathiik, Mjausson, and others (sorry if you weren't mentioned). The number of raw pages is just over 7,231. Wow!

May 10, 2001

Wikipedia continues to move full steam ahead. Today is the five month anniversary of Wikipedia's founding (an early version appeared as part of on January 10, 2001). So, how many articles do we have? We have 5,964 pages on the website, total; 4,264 articles of 150 characters or more (two or three sentences); 3,969 "comma" articles; and 1,002 articles of 2,000 characters or more (about three ordinary-sized paragraphs. At this rate, in a year, we can expect to see 10,000 "comma" articles.

May 2, 2001

Wikipedia is moving! We are going to move wikipedia to a newer server on May 3. You can expect wikipedia to be unavailable for a period of about a half an hour, sometime between 11:00am and 2:00pm PST. During this period, I will be copying the current data to the new server. The outage is simply to protect the loss of any changes that might have been made during that time.

Jason Richey