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Could we get an update on the NYTimes article? It is still coming out, I hope. --KQ

I hope so too. --LMS

So is a Google PageRank of 7/10 good or bad? Where does that put us in relation to, say, msnbc, yahoo, altavista, etc.?

PageRanks of some importante pages:


OK, think i am in favour of the ditching of subs. Will there be a new standard for /Talk page though? Page name Talk  ?-- AW

I'm feeling dense here... where is the Wikipedia plugin available for AbiWord? I downloaded the current version of Abiword and there's no mention of it, and I can't find any plugin dlls in the folder. I'm on NT, and it is version 0.9.6 that I'm using.---- On at:

at the end of the page.