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Please put add any recipes you add to Wikipedia to this list. Also add dishes for which you would like recipes.

Argentine cuisine


Caribbean cuisine

Jamaican jerk spice
Jamaican Jerk Chicken

English cuisine

Bubble and squeak

French cuisine

Chocolate Mousse

Indian cuisine

Masaledaar chole

Italian cuisine

Espagnole sauce
Velute sauce
Bechamel sauce
Mirepoix sauce
Genoese sauce
Italian sauce
Ham sauce
Tarragon sauce
Tomato sauce
Tomato sauce piquante
Mushroom sauce
Neapolitan sauce
Neapolitan anchovy sauce
Roman sauce
Supreme sauce
Pasta marinate
White villeroy
Clear soup
Spring soup
Soup alla Lombarda
Tuscan soup
Venetian soup
Roman soup
Soup alla Nazionale
Soup alla Modanese
Crotopo soup
Soup all'Imperatrice
Neapolitan soup
Soup with risotto
Soup alla Canavese
Soup alla Maria Pia
Lettuce soup
Queen's soup
Condiment for seasoning minestrone
Minestrone alla Casalinga
Minestrone of rice and turnip
Minestrone alla Capucina
Minestrone of Semolina
Minestrone alla Milanese
Minestrone of rice and cabbage
Minestrone of rice and celery
Garlic parmesan pasta

Moroccan cuisine

Preserved Lemon

Tex-Mex cuisine

Crab Quesadillas with Mango Salsa



Polish cuisine

To be organized:

Caesar salad

Generally, we're compiling this list as a way of building an open content encyclopedia of cooking--itself a reflection of our commitment to writing articles about how to do things.

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