Wikipedia contains spoilers

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Wikipedia is an attempt to write an encyclopedia. When art, be it books, music, visual art, computer games, or film, is discussed, it is in the attempt to provide a full summary of that creative work and its place in the greater sphere of human activity. To fulfill this task, it is necessary to discuss the plot of films in their entirety. Many books and films, however, lose some of their dramatic impact if the details of the plot are known before they are seen, particularly films with dramatic plot "twists" such as The Crying Game, The Wizard of Oz, and The Sixth Sense.

It is traditional netiquette for this discussion to be surrounded with warnings of "spoilers."

Readers should assume that any articles relating to narratives (novels, films, adventure games, etc.) in the Wikipedia will contain details of the plot, and if they find that it disrupts their enjoyment of the story they should avoid reading such articles before experiencing the work. This may be true even for pages that do not include a spoiler warning. Individuals working on such articles should feel free to include any such spoilers and attach a link to this page at the top of their article.