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Wikipedia is naturally collaborative. Probably there are very few other software projects that serve collaboration better. However I think we should think about and discuss implementation of teamwork.

Some Wikpedia entries easily gather around themselves several people that in a relatively short time and without much debate produce quite acceptable Wikipedia articles.

My proposition is to start a new page with a link from the Homepage that would organize teams for work on some subjects.

I don't mean just one article, rather more broad subjects like existentialism, art nouveau style, or cytology. These issues require some more thought on design and some planning and some cross-sectional discussion.

Some subjects need such collaboration, like heart -- I might know something about human heart but vertebrates have differently build heart. I know that but not the details.

So put in the details you know, leave out the ones you don't, and wait for someone to refactor it. Leave a message in the Summary: line, if you want to encourage them. --GWO

Sometimes we need a collaboration across national Wikipedias. Usually national Wikipedias take from the English one but Wikipedians from, for instance, Catalonia can help with entries like Antonio Gaudi. --Kpjas

Why not use <subject>/Talk or <subject>/Team? --Yooden

Would Wikipedians follow? Would people from other national Wikipedias know? --Kpjas

If they don't check /Talk, they're probably not that interested in collaboration. --Yooden

WTF? Don't change my lines, whoever you are! --Yooden