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Of course, every entry on Wikipedia deserves attention. But some entries deserve tender loving attention.

If you come across a page that you think needs a lot of work, but have no idea how to approach it, list it here so that others can find it.

This page is very similar to the other pages like: Requested articles, Current events. However it is more utilitarian than those pages, being intended for the editorial community alone.

Articles that have good information, but need work for some reason

I'm doing a major rewrite here, and should be done by Friday (12/21/2001). If anyone else has a change or suggestion during that time, please let me know. --LDC

Articles that seem to be nothing more than definitions

Wikipedia is not a dictionary, and an article which simply defines a word is useless. Sometimes, those articles can turn into bona fide encyclopedic treatments of a topic; sometimes they should just be deleted.

See also Wikipedia utilities/find or fix a stub.

= Articles of dubious merit, accuracy and/or validity

See also Wikipedia utilities/Page titles to be deleted

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