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Manning, this is very useful, but the new Wikipedia PHP script will allow us to have all "about Wikipedia" pages in a separate "Wikipedia:" namespace. Moreover, the new script isn't going to permit subpages. Soo.... --LMS

When is it coming? --Seb
well it will be very useful until then, and it only took me a few minutes to set it up, so no big deal. - MMGB
Exactly. We don't know when it's coming! :-) --LMS

Cunc - thanks for doing that - I was thinking that the statistics stuff would make more sense somewhere else, but I was too tired to fix it last night. - MMGB

I am gradually trying to get all editor pages currently on the site listed here. I'm SO tired of schlepping around trying to find one of them in the huge maze of pages, so I'm going to make this a one-stop shop for editors. When the meta pages are officially moved, this will still be helpful. --Dmerrill

Even though I was the one who created this page in the first place - I must say that I come here pretty often and find it useful. I do hope it stays (in some form) when the move comes. - MMGB