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Nothing much here but some of the pages I've edited/have a passing interest in.

Tech stuff

People and Places

Hobbies and other interests (see also Tech Stuff :-)

Comments and Messages

DNS was a good example to add to Cache. --drj

Welcome--another belated one! I am guessing that you are an English coder named "Alex."  :-) No? --Larry Sanger

Yes I am a coder, how did you guess! I hope my stuff is ok for you guys :-) Alex

Alex, I've updated ATM. Could you please check it for NPOV, and edit it as you wish. I've explained about the packet jitter issues in detail, and tried to give an unbiased view of ATM. -- The Anome

And I've now at least mentioned AALs, and vaguely talked about AAL1 and AAL5. I'm ignoring the full ghastliness of AAL 3/4 and AAL2 for now. -- The Anome