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If you list yourself here, please also list yourself on the complete alphabetical listing.

Here is a list of Aussie Wikipedians:

Anyone else who feels they qualify for this esteemed status feel free to add yourself to the list above. :)

Please note: This page is NOT an appropriate forum to go on about how Australia is "God's own country", nor is it the place to discuss why Australia is the best place in the world to live. Discussions of the fantastic way of life, amazing beaches, superb climate and infinitely friendly people to be found in Australia are certainly not sought at all. People attempting to discuss the incredibly beautiful women and handsome, healthy men will be discouraged at every opportunity, as will anyone proselytising about Australia's free and open society, policy of a 'fair go' for all and boundless opportunities for all and sundry. Thank you.

Crikey, nothing like rubbing it in  :-). All right, how about somebody doing the entry on Vegemite?

To be fair, it would be a good idea to write about Marmite as well. I avoid both myself, so someone else will have to do this.

Anyone else in Canberra?

Nemo and Sam Wilson so far.