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If you list yourself here, please also list yourself on the complete alphabetical listing.

The following Wikipedians are Canadians and admit it, and that's darned respectable:

And please! No complaining about how we're not Americans, how Americans know nothing of our country and its culture, and whatever you do, don't trade dumb American tourist stories!

Let's face it folks. We watch American TV and movies, eat American fast food, all of our hockey teams are moving to the States, and we have no military worth mentioning. It's only a matter of time before we're the 51st state...

See also: Canada/self-image

Pish-tosh about the 51st state. Though I should point out that we've no hard feelings about that whole Revolution thing and the 13 colonies are free to come back any time they like (with a few changes, of course) -- Paul Drye

I think a clarification is in order. It's not the admitting that's respectable, but the nationality itself.

I don't think any clarification is necessary. Ambiguity suits us. -- STG

Too late. We are allready the 51st state. - Asa

True story - Someone once asked "what's the difference between Canadians and Americans?" The reply came, "Well they're similar to Americans, except likable."