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This is a rough, self-administered list of Wikipedians in order of arrival. The list exists only to satisfy general Wikipedian interest. This list is not intended to create some sort of hierarchy. In other words, we Wikipedians abhor the idea that the amount of time spent working on this website is any sort of indication of how well one can write an encyclopedia article. Indeed, we distinguish ourselves by our ability to write good articles, which is what really matters. We ought to do our best to underemphasize seniority, which can be used, often illegitimately, as a way of deciding who to accord how much respect. Of course, sometimes how long someone has been here does bear on, for example, how well they understand Wikipedia policy and why Wikipedia works as it does. But it doesn't bear on much else.

December 2001

November 2001

October 2001

duh?! No new wikipedians? It must have been the 11th september tragedy...

September 2001

August 2001

July 2001

May 2001

April 2001

March 2001

February 2001

January 2001

Some unspecified time during 2001

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