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It might make sense to have your own personal page be a subpage of Wikipedians, in order to hilite one's status as a Wikipedian, however, in practice, it is more convenient to sign one's name _without_ the subpage mechanism in the way. Subpages are intended to be used only for "meta" pages such as /talk and /chat.

If we want to have geographical information about contributors, which I think is desirable, then the current scheme is not very helpful: it doesn't quickly allow me to determine where Mr. X is located. I would have to check all the geographical subpages. I suggest we abandon the subpages and organize everything in a big table as follows:

Mr X -- Mr Y
U.S.A. - Minnesota
AxelBoldt -- Ms Z
U.S.A. - Nevada
Whoever -- Ms ZZZ
U.S.A. - unspecified
Larry Sanger

etc., all geographical listings being alphabetical. This also avoids the need for people double listing themselves. --AxelBoldt

Why do you feel geographical location is desirable? What does it add?

It adds information and information is good. For instance you could organize a meeting of local Wikipedians, or you could check whether somebody with a typically left-leaning European slant is actually from Europe. --AxelBoldt

I actually tend to agree, let's list by country of residence, rather than nationality. But, you know, in this day of mobility, I think nationality is at least as important as location. Let's instruct people to list themselves both under their nationality and under their country of residence. Sound OK? I think the subpages are going to be necessary because eventually the list is probably going to be too long for one page (the complete listing will have to be separate subpages such as Wikipedians/A). Besides, they can conveniently talk to each other on those pages (as the Aussies have been doing). --LMS

Shouldn't this topic be Wikipedian rather than Wikipedians? --AV

No, lists are usually in the plural. Roman emperors lists all the Roman emperors, Roman emperor would have particular details about the office. Make sense?

Doesn't make enough sense. I think lists should be under "XYZ listing" or "listing of XYZs" or something like that; "XYZ" and "XYZs" are just too easy to confuse. (Someone who is here to use Wikipedia wouldn't know where to find info on XYZs in general--"XYZ" or "XYZs." --LMS

Moreover, it's a nuisance to link. I asked the question after seeing some reference Wikipedian in a sentence (before a proper name), and being surprised that the topic doesn't exist.

Maybe it should be: singular - definition plus lists if these aren't very long; if they are long, they go to /List. In case of Wikipedians, I think it makes sense to rename it to Wikipedian. --AV

Well, that's simple enough. We just need a redirect at Wikipedian. In fact, I'll do it now... --STG

Having spent 5 minutes looking for a Wikipedian place to post the following, I apologize if this is not the right place -- but as a 100% newcomer, I can't figure out where else to post it: I just tried to do a search for the exact string "List of UN Secretaries-General" -- and Google came up empty-handed. The when I tried the other spelling of the plural "List of UN Secretary-Generals" -- Google came up with the following Wikipedia URL: . But this page has a link which reads PRECISELY as the ORIGINAL search string: "List of UN Secretaries-General". So why did not find this page? (Note: It was not on the list of recently- changed things.)

It is on the list of recent changes. It was changed on 21 Sep 2001. Also, you can look at the cached copy on Google to see how old it is - it was last edited on 12 Sep 2001. --Zundark, 2001 Oct 13

Can anyone tell me how we arrived at 400 for the number of Wikipedians? As Jzcool has pointed out, there's less than 200 listed on this page. --STG