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Please note: This page is intended as a bit of light relief for devotees of the Wikipedia. It is in no way intended to show disrespect for 12-step programs or to those people genuinely suffering from addictions who have found solace and recovery in such programmes.

  • Helloo, my name is Greg, and I am an IRCaholic... whoops, wrong room.
  • Hello, my name is Manning and I am a wikipediholic.
  • Hello, my name Bryan, and I am a wikipediholic. I also compulsively link dates.
  • Hello, my name is Bignose, and I have undiagnosed wikipediholism, even more tragic because I was suspected of it after less than 24 hours here. I agonise over the correct way to represent dates in articles. ( "Undiagnosed"??? Hmmmm... MB)
  • Okay, I confess... my name is Simon and I am a wikipediholic.
  • Hello, my name is Larry, and I...OK, gosh...golly, OK here goes. I am a...a...wikipediholic. (See, I just made that word bold.) I admit it, I know...copyedit. I also redirect pages. Sometimes I even...write content. (a startled murmur from the crowd, audible whispers of "we understand, Larry, it's OK, Larry, be strong, Larry...")
  • Hello, my name is R.J., and I am a Wikipediholic. I find myself trying to wikify all my word-processing and email, and crying out in frustration when it's not possible.
  • Hello, my name is Lee, and I have an insatiable compulsion to change "/talk" into "/Talk", to add spaces to initials and periods to U.S., and take commas outside of quotation marks when they don't belong. I shake visibly upon seeing "more then..." or an incorrect "it's". At last, there's a place where my condition can find a healthy outlet and practical use. (Their, their, its OK... )
  • My name is Michel, but I don't belong here. I am not a Wikipediholic. I can stop any time I want to ...
  • I'm WP and I can't help checking Recent Changes 30 times a day
  • Hello, my name is The Cunctator, and I'm a Wikipediholic. And people seem to hate me.
  • Hello, my name is Jimbo Wales, and I'm a Wikipediholic. And I'm one of the people who seems to hate Cunctator, but I don't really.  :-)
  • My name is Taw and I'm a Wikipediholic. (If somobedy thinks that I'm cured, because I conribute less than before - I abuse mostly Polish wikipedia now :))
  • Hiall, my name is Mathijs, I'm 35 yrs, married, three kids, I've got a good job in the Dutch National Health Service, with a permanent connection, I've twice had a row with LMS, I've been denounced as a troll and a bigot, but I can't help being a Wikipediholic.
  • Hi, my name is David, and I'm a Wikipediholic. I scored 54 on the test, which means you should all be afraid. :-)
  • Now I'm worried. I started the wikipediholics page, but I wasn't convinced I was one until last night when I dreamt of talking with Larry in person about the Wikipedia....--AstroNomer

Sadly, the Wikipediholics Anonymous (WA) programme has yet not managed to help a number of victims.

Suspected, but not admitted, Wikipediholics include:
TbcI merely have a higher tolerance for editing than most people. (But thanks for your concern. :-)
Pinkunicorn (I can quit anytime I like)
Stephen Gilbert - "I don't have a problem, and there's nothing you sick rat bastards can say to change that!"
GWO - I took a break recently due to work commitments, but I appear to have relapsed...
AxelBoldt - People keep telling me about these self help groups, but I don't have time for stuff like that.
Koyaanis Qatsi - "My Wikipediaholism was at its worse in June and July, but lately--with grad school and two jobs--I just haven't had the time...." (various murmurs) "....Still, I think about steering my work towards subjects that can make wikipedia entries." (gasps, "oh no"s, "be strong")
sjc - "It's just that I prefer it to drink, drugs, vice and gambling. I just don't have time for any of those anymore."
mike dill - "I actually stayed away from the changes page for a day this week, I'm probably not a Wikipediholic."
JHK It's not my's a moral imperative...and, besides, Michael would never turn me on to something addictive...would he?
--Kpjas here 'holic of Wikipedia kind.
Malcolm Farmer - "I just do a few pages now and then, just to relax"
TwoOneTwo - its not an addiction I've just promised to do 1% of all Wikipedia articles. And I'm ahead of schedule.

and many more...