Wim Wenders

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German-born (1945- ) film director.


Summer in the City 1970
Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter (the Goalkeeper's fear of the Penalty Kick) 1972 - adaptation of a novella by Peter Handke, who also wrote the film dialogue
Der scharlachrochte Buchstabe (the Scarlet Letter) 1972. Adapted from the novel by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Alice in den Stadten (Alice in the Cities) 1974
Flassche Bewegung (Wrong Movement) 1975
Im Lauf der Zeit (Kings of the Road) 1976
Der Amerikanische Freund (the American Friend) 1977
Lightning over Water 1979 (? or '80?)-- a documentary about the last days of Nicholas Ray (director of Rebel Without a Cause and many other films)
Hammett 1982
The State of Things 1982
Reverse Angle:NYC 1982 - a documentary about his disputes with Francis Ford Coppola while filming Hammett
Chambre 666 1983
Paris, Texas 1984
Der Himmel ueber Berlin (the sky above Berlin) 1987
Wings of Desire 1987 - written with Peter Handke
Until the End of the World 1991
Faraway, So Close! 1993
The End of Violence 1997
The Million Dollar Hotel 1999
Buena Vista Social Club 2000