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America and Canada confuse this system by using some European appellations as generic wine names, as champagne, port, burgundy. In the rest of the world Champagne, for example, can only have been grown and fermented in the Champagne region of France. This practice is being phased out.

I removed the last sentence, because it seemed to relate to French exclusivity over the term Champagne being "phased out", which I'm not sure is true. The sentence should be replaced by something less grammatically vague. --DavidSaff

What it boils down to is that USA can't easily be bullied by the EU into dropping names, while Chile, South Africa, Australia etc can. It's gone way beyond names of places, in recent trade talks, Italy was prepared to scupper the whole deal if South Africa didn't drop "grappa" for which there is absolutely no geographical referent. European (not just French) exclusivism is getting worse, not better -clasqm