Wladislaw Jagiello

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Jagiello was from the dynasty of dukes and grand dukes of Lithuania. His father was Algirdas (1377-1392) or Olgerd, duke of Lithuania, a son of Gediminas.

Jogailla or Jagiello is reported to have married Hedwig / Jadwiga, queen of Poland .He first co-ruled with her since 1386. After Queen Jadwiga's death in 1399 he was ruler until his death in 1434 under the name Wladislaw Jagiello.

Jagiello was the first of the dynasty of Lithuanian dukes who were also kings of Poland (1386-1572).He was the son of Casimir IV.

Before that the Piasts and the Przemysls were intermittent kings of Poland.

After the last Jagiello died out, the crown went to the Vasa or Wasa kings of Sweden.