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Although completely lacking talent I have made a first attempt at designing a wikipedia banner. You can view this as my contibution to publicising wikipedia;-)



The Paint Shop Pro 7 file: http://www.pobratyn.com/data/wikipedia-banner.psp

Comments and improvements welcome

Groovy, WojPob! I like them! I wonder if there is a way to mention the fact (i.e., make it obvious) that Wikipedia is an general encyclopedia. The way I see it, there are a lot of "participatory" websites online, but most of them are rather poor quality. Wikipedia is a bit better. We want to convey that somehow...I'm just rambling here. I think your banners are great and I think I might use them on some of my other websites... --LMS

When saving a banner image, do NOT use RGB color. Convert your image to indexed color, using the lowest quality that looks good, and turn off dithering if you have more sharp edges than smooth gradations or if your image is already noisy. These steps will result in a smaller file. In fact, I managed to shrink one of these images from 29 KB to under 5 KB, a savings of over 80 percent. Check it out on my banners page. --Damian Yerrick