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The 'Woodworking' page is somewhat pathetic, to say the least! I am quite into writing some stuff, but first I was wondering what anyone thinks about renaming it 'Woodwork'; it seems that this more acurately reflects the whole field of working with wood, and not just the process (of woodworking). Also does anyone have any ideas on how woodwork, joinery, carpentry, etc. are to be related? And how are we going to link all these (and other 'manual arts') from HomePage?

Sam - All valid comments. "Woodwork" seems like a fair candidate as it is a noun, whereas "woodworking" is a verb gerund (gee, you can't tell that I've been working in English language lately, can you?). "Woodwork" sounds like a "global" subject (like "computer" or "sport") so I think it is a the best launching point for links to joinery, carpentry, wood sculpture. Adding things to the homepage is the domain of the project administrators - LarrySanger and JimboWales, if you've got a good argument they'll listen. Welcome to the 'pedia - we need more Australians :) - ManningBartlett