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I am finding the use of terminology here a little confusing. You say that Doc Book is an XML language. I would say it is a particular DTD, and a DTD is a possible way of defining the elements of a particular XML language. Alternatively, an XML language can specify its element by a Schema, or simply define its elements within each document itself. Also, one of its main features is its flexibilty compared with HTML. Each user can, indeed, define their own mark-up language by defining each required and optional element for their language. Finally, the entire Doc Book DTD has been made available by O'Reilly online, and I suggest you provide a link to it. RoseParks

Yeah, DocBook probably isn't the best example, because it can be implemented in SGML as well. I'll reword to use something better. XML is not itself a markup language; specific applications of XML (defined by a DTD or schema) are. I'm not sure of a better way to word that.