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Full title: Xena - the Warrior Princess

Xena is a mythical Greek times warrior on a television show. She used to fight for evil people, destroying villages and murdering people. Then she became good and started saving the villagers from the evil people she used to be with. Xena has a friend she travels with named Gabrielle. They travel together fight off demons, monsters, and of course Xena's on-off enemy, Ares, the god of war.

Throughout much of the series, Xena and Gabrielle are almost lovers.

Xena is played by Lucy Lawless, a New Zealand actress. Lucy started her acting career in high school plays, where she would sing. She traveled after school and did commercials. She was asked to star in Xena after other actresses turned down the part. She got married and had a child, and the show ended in 2001.

The show was a spin-off of an earlier show, Hercules. The show was filmed in New Zealand.