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Each Year in Review will be a part of this new Wikipedia category schemes. And as an overview of the particular year will highlight events and people that made the news.

There are some basic style guides for each Year in Review

Listing subjects

There are just a few broad subjects from which others branch. At present there is (much needs to be added):

Arts and Entertainment

Presenting numerical data

The following is bad: "Dr Suess' work, How the Grinch Stole Christmas grossed $259,951,325 at the box office."

The following is better: "Dr Suess' work, How the Grinch Stole Christmas grossed $260 million at the box office."

Not a big change, but rounding the figure up to a more human friendly number just helps make this look less like a spread sheet.

Of course, even better would be to spell Dr. Seuss's name correctly!

Presenting data

It should be remembered that this is to be a new category scheme, so whilst each year should read nicely, it should also include just enough information to entice the reader into following the links to the actual pages on the information to find out more.