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Zebra is the name given to two species of horse, Equus zebra the mountain zebra, and Equus Burchellii the plains zebra. They are native to central and southern Africa.

The body of the mountain zebra is white with sharply contrasting black bands, and it has a tuft of black hair at the tip of its tail. The plains zebra is yellowish-white with irregular brackish bands, and has a long flowing white tail.

The mountain and plains species are also referred to as Asinus zebra and Asinus Burchellii respectively. The plains zebra is sometimes called a dauw.

See also quagga.

Zebra is a medical term for an obscure and unlikely diagnosis from ordinary symptoms. It refers to a quote by (anyone know?): "When you hear hoof-beats, think horses, not zebras". This principle is also expressed as Occams razor.