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Zeus (Zευς) or Dias (Διας) The leader of the Gods and God of the sky and thunder in Greek Mythology, equivalent to the Roman God Jupiter.

Last son of Cronus (Saturn for Romans) who had the habit of swallowing his own children right after their birth, he ends this tyranny with the help of his mother Rhea and rescue his brethren.

It is said that his mother, when she gave birth to him gave her husband a stone camouflaged as a baby to swallow. Then she hidded Zeus to Mt. Hide in Crete where he was raised in a by a goat (others say a nymph) named Amalthea. Koryvandes, a company of soldiers (or smaller gods) where dancing, shouting and clacking their arms to make noise so that Cronus would not hear the baby's cry.

When he raised up, Zeus revolted against his father's tyrrany. He won this war Battle of Titans, set his brothers and sisters free. He shared the world with his elder brothers, Poseidon and Plouton (or Hades) after a draw: Zeus got the land, Poseidon the sea and Plouton the world of the shadows (the dead).

Brother and husband of Hera (identified with Juno). Their son is Hephaistos (Vulcan). He is famous for his many extraconjugal affairs with various goddesses - notably Demeter, Latona, Dione, Maia, etc - and mortal women - notably Semele, Io, Europa, Leda, etc.

As a result, father of many demi-gods and heroes such as Heracles (Hercules). The Greeks considered him to probably still be producing mortal offspring. Brother of Poseidon, Hades, Hestia, Hera and Demeter.